Friday, July 31, 2009

Minnesota Grand Chapter's New Website

The Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Minnesota has unveiled a new and very well-conceived website. As many visitors to the old website have known for many years, it was horribly out of date structurally. The new website is very informative for the Companion and curious alike. (And yes, I'm one of those curious types.)

Many improvements abound for the extremely curious, like myself. The new website offers information for finding a local Chapter, who the officers are for the local Chapter as well as contact information for the curious Master Mason. This really helps someone, like myself, gain more interest in Royal Arch. It is great to see

For the interested Companion, there is a calendar of events, contact information for each region of the state and great Chapter Resources. These resources include the MN Grand Chapter Constitution as well as uniform bylaws for a Chapter.

It must always be remembered that York Rite is local. Scottish Rite is built to be of a wider scope with many more degrees but York Rite offers a localized experience. Neither of these approaches are better than the other but different. This website is the first step in helping the brother realize that there is a local Chapter available to him, maybe even meeting in his Lodge hall.

Living in Minnesota offers me a distinct advantage over many jurisdictions as there is a ample amount of great Masonic resources available on the Grand Lodge website. I find it wonderful that the Grand Chapter continues this great tradition of making the best possible resources available to its Companions as well as those like me who are seriously considering joining in the state of Minnesota. All in all, this website offers much more information than has previously been seen and I applaud the Grand Chapter for taking this great step forward.

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James McNeely said...

Bro. Nick,

You know that there are several of us that would be more than happy to help you in your quest for More light in either of the Rites.

Although I would love to see you start that journey in Corinthian Chapter. I think that you will find the York Rite degrees and Orders to be very personal.