Monday, July 20, 2009

Masonic Question for the Week of July 20

#MQW (via @tybaltknight) How many of y'all were in (plege or initiate) a fraternity before joining the craft?

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John Moock said...

I helped re-start Beta Gamma chapter of Kappa Alpha Order at the College of Charleston in 2003, but did not initiate until 2006. In the interim, I spent 2 years in Iraq. I was always attracted to the Christian/military ethos of KA, but it was incredible to be initiated as a veteran.

Our Ritual was written by Samuel Z. Ammen, who was made a Master Mason before going to Washinton College (now W&L), and afterward a Knight Templar. It's amazing how much our Ritual draws from Masonic sources. I hope one day to be a Knight Templar myself, to see the similarities and differences between it and KA Ritual.

(shamelessplug) If any other KA masons happen to read this comment, please check out Magnolia Lodge #53, GL of DC, FAAM ( ): an ancient craft lodge specifically for Kappa Alpha Order initiates.(/shamelessplug)