Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center

I would like to inform all the brethren in the different places of our world of what the gift to the University of Minnesota means in the fight against Cancer. Minnesota Masonic Charities has pledged $ 65 million over the next 15 years to try to find a cure. The Star Tribune reports that, as research money diminishes, the gift could go to finding new untested treatments which the National Institute of Health don't want to try. The Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center is doing new research into the study of Cancer prevention and treatment. The Minnesota Masonic Charities is also raising $10 million to help build a new building for the Masonic Cancer Center through its Partners for Life. For me, this is one of the best programs I have been a part of and the benevolence of our gentle Craft is truly amazing and heartwarming.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Grand Lodge Communication Day 2

It is day two in Duluth and I really have learned a lot about what Grand Lodge is about. I have met many brothers from many lodges; I have also seen many brothers that I have met before. I have learned new ways to run the lodge more effectively through the success stories of other lodges. I also was able to about the exciting charitable programs that we are sponsoring. I really have taken away a lot of information from this Communication and am excited for the rest of the year.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Grand Lodge Communictaion Day 1 part 2

I just got back from the Grand Lodge Banquet and enjoyed myself immensely. A major portion of the program was delivered by Dr. David Walsh. He has created a very interesting and promising program for making our kids better people. The program is called "Say Yes to No." which comes from his book, No, Why Kids of All Ages Need to Hear It. I lucked out because my parents ensured that I was not allowed to do many things that were detrimental to myself, I think that this saying no has truly helped me. I believe that parents should really check out this program. Minnesota Masonic Charities has fantastic foresight to help parents understand how to better our children before it is too late.
More to come tomorrow.

Day 1 of the Minnesota Grand Lodge Commuication

I have been in Duluth since Thursday night and will be reporting on the events I have seen so far. Thursday night, the weather decided to play an interesting game of chicken. There was freezing rain through St. Paul, heavy snow until Pine City and turning into a blowing snow until five miles outside of Duluth where the weather was as peaceful as a dove.
Of course, the weather changed into a torrent of strong snow and heavy winds. At breakfast this morning, the swells from Lake Superior were going over the railing as we watched.
Watching the opening this morning, I was impressed with the pageantry displayed in the Communication. The Grand Provincial Master of Manitoba and other brothers arrived as well as a contingency from the United Grand Lodge of England. I learned many interesting pieces from the Grand Lodge, including the most noteworthy news of the day; the Minnesota Grand Lodge is donating 65 million dollars over 15 years to the University of Minnesota in order to find a cure for cancer. The news that Masonry is still as strong and philanthropic is truly amazing.
During the breakout sessions, I learned of the differences between American and English Freemasonry, which there are many and also went to the specialized meeting concerning Junior Wardens where I have learned that I have to get planning NOW! I have a long row to hoe but I think I will be fine when it is my turn to hold the gavel and I think this breakout session was very helpful in getting me started.
I am off to dinner and will hopefully get some pictures of the event.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Grand Lodge Communication this weekend

I will be attending my first Grand Lodge Communication in Duluth. I will attempt to blog all that I see and learn while I am in Duluth. Hopefully, I will be able to draw on the experience of hundreds of men who run lodges all over the state of Minnesota when it comes my time to be Master of Corinthian Lodge #67. I might also twitter what is going on at the Communication.