Monday, July 6, 2009

Masonic Question for the Week of July 6

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1st #MQW (via @nickjohnson): Does your Lodge still read the minutes?


Trenton said...

Every Stated Meeting we do. Special Meetings we do everything the short method.

Paul Jacob Roberts said...

I prefer lodges that prepare and distribute them prior.

Mitchell Hislop said...

We do not read them aloud, but they are distributed, read silently, and then adopted in the normal roberts rules fashion.

Mitchell Hislop
Braden #168

Chris said...

My UGLE mother lodge circulates the minutes with the Summons (posted well in advance of the meeting). The WM says that and asks for amendments. If none, he asks for assent "in the manner usual among Freemasons" and when that is given he signs the minute book.

At my US lodge, the former Secretary was fond of reading the minutes, which had a minute-by-minute description of the proceedings of the previous meeting. This was so slumber-inducing that at later meetings the reading of the minutes was just conceded and they were adopted by a vote.

Bro. Chris Hansen, Goliath #5595 UGLE

James McNeely said...

we stopped reading them in 2003... since then the minutes are posted prior to the stated communication for changes/corrections and then accepted by the Lodge once it is open.