Monday, July 27, 2009

Masonic Question for the Week of July 27

#MQW (via @bnlpmc) what's the most interesting visit you've ever made? As a PA mason, every other state is like a foreign country!

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MP said...

I was denied advancement to FC by my Lodge due to religious bigotry. Eventually, after I had moved out of state, I asked for, and received, a ruling from my GL Grievance Committee AND the GM, basically telling the Lodge to stuff it.

A week or so after announcing that in an online discussion wherein I had gotten advice on how to contact the Committee, two men invited me to come down to Concord Lodge #307 in VA (I was living in MD, and eventually finished my degrees in DC) to see a First Degree.

I think that was the most IMPORTANT visit I have ever made - the second time I got to see an EA Degree.