Friday, July 3, 2009

Masonic Question of the Week

Okay, so have I mentioned that I am on Twitter? (Crowd boos, "Enough about Twitter already.") Anyway, as I am sure many of my friends on Twitter know, I used to do a Masonic Question of the Week or an #MQW. These questions sought to give those on Twitter the ability to answer the question in a way that they saw fit. I got lazy and stopped posting those questions on Twitter mainly because my uncreative brain ran out of things to ask about. With all that being said, I would like to bring MQW back but I need your help. ("I'll give you some help, getting a fat lip!")

I will be asking for questions from my readers and followers on Twitter. You can send them either in e-mail form at millennialfreemason (at) gmail (dot) com or as a direct message on Twitter. To direct message, all you have to do is type "d nickjohnson" (remove the quotes) and then your question. And remember, please keep it under 140 characters and no questions violating any Masonic obligations. I will post the question, with attribution, on both Twitter and this site. Alright everyone, let's get crackin'.

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