Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Intrigue Theater at the Triune Masonic Temple

I’m passing along this great show which will benefit the Triune Masonic Temple in Saint Paul. If you have never traveled to Triune, you are missing out, the building is beautiful and the lodges that meet there, Saint Paul No. 3, Braden No. 168, and Unizar No. 347, are very welcoming. This is one of the most unique fundraisers of ever heard of. Bravo brothers of Saint Paul #3.

Ghosts Sighting in St. Paul Masonic Lodge!

Masonic Lodge St. Paul No. 3 is proud to welcome INTRIGUE THEATER
to the Triune Temple in St. Paul, MN on Friday the 13th of May.

Travel back in time to the Victorian era and witness an amazing performance of Illusion and Mentalism Starring Sean-Paul and Juliane and featuring special guests from the other side.
INTRIGUE THEATER offers a unique experience reminiscent of 19th Century entertainment. Witness magical demonstrations, feats of astonishing mental capabilities, and elements of spiritualism in a seance, as observed and celebrated in the 19th century. Spirits may make their presence known with whispered answers and unexplained phenomenon.

There will two performances Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th.
Showtime is 8:00 p.m.
Tickets are $10.00
There are only 200 seats available for each show.
We are projecting that both shows will sell out.
Purchasing tickets on-line by clicking here is recommened.


Triune Temple is one of the few historic Masonic temples still remaining in the Twin Cities area. It is one of the earliest and best preserved buildings erected exclusively for the use of a single Masonic Lodge.

This performance is a fundraiser that will benefit St. Paul No. 3 with their efforts to maintain their building which in March celebrated its Centennial.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Corinthian Lodge in the Farmington Independent

Corinthian Lodge was featured in the Farmington Independent, the local paper of Farmington. The article was an interview with Rick Vance, our Junior Warden.

Here is an excerpt:

Masons basically have been working towards having an open forum for ideas. We have a requirement and a belief in a supreme being, so whether you want to call him God or Allah or anything else, you have to believe in a supreme being. We’re very tolerant in terms of different political ideas and political thoughts and those kinds of things. The idea is we provide a place for people to meet on what we call the level. Which means whether you’re the top doctor or top lawyer or top politician in town or a shoe repairman or anyone else, within Masonry it kind of takes away that class guideline.