Friday, May 29, 2009

The Commercial Critic

My brother has recently begun blogging about a subject that not many people think about but are almost always inundated with on a daily basis, commercials. The name of his blog is The Commercial Critic and I think everyone should check it out. He has some very interesting thoughts on what commercials are really telling the doughy minds waiting to be molded. Whether it involves what the American Dream grows on to the march of death through a football game, there are always great insights into the world of commercials. Check it out. You can also follow him on Twitter @TheCommCritic.

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Cody said...

Hi, Nick. I saw this post in Twitter and I thought I'll drop by.

Your brother may have found a worthy topic to blog. You are right. Not a lot of people talk about ads but we do get a lot of those these days. And they do carry messages ranging from the obvious to the not so obvious, from the intend to the unintended, and everything in between.