Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guest Article at A Partir Pedra

I want to thank the brothers of A Partir Pedra for posting an article of mine on their great site which you can find here. If you are unfamiliar with A Partir Pedra, it is a site by the brothers of Respeitável Loja Mestre Affonso Domingues of the Grande Loja Legal de Portugal. A Partir Pedra literally means "From Stone" in Portuguese and the brothers there present really thought provoking essays. The site is in Portuguese but with the advent of Google Translate, the site can be translated rather accurately, or at least intelligable. Hopefully I get this right but, obrigado irmãos.


Pedro .·. said...

Hi my brother. I follow regularly the A Partir Pedra and have, already talked to the brother there. I'm brazillian (sorry for the bad english) and I liked to know the blog is opening for other languages too.

I hope you keep writing there, because it's important for masons over the world to know more about other's culture.

Thank you, or, obrigaod, irmão.

Jose Ruah said...


Thanks for the article, and we hope to have more from you.

You got it right we try to write in the limit of what's posible to say without breaking any of our oaths.


Millennial Freemason said...

It was my pleasure. I really enjoy your site. Thank you again Brother Jose.