Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pop Culture Review: That Illuminati Movie

Today, (Sunday, the 17th) my wife and I went to see Angels and Demons, you know, that Illuminati movie. I have read the book but it has been awhile so the story was not as fresh in my mind. Because of my lack of memory, I really came into the movie without any preconceived notions. Well, maybe one. There have been a lot of reports that the Holy See impeded the film crew from filming in certain sites in Rome, so I expected some pretty harsh criticisms of the Church. However, there was really no insults lobbed at anyone.

I have to say, I had fun. I realize that the historical truth in a Dan Brown novel is like panning for gold. The movie pares down much of the book's more controversial topics and streamlines the movie into a quick, action packed movie. Which topics were removed?

*Spoiler Alert*:

Well for starters, there is no Kohler, nor is Vetra branded with the Illuminati symbol. The Hassassin is not of Arab descent, he does not lust after women, nor is he killed as he was in the book. There is no Janus character. The Chamberlain in the book is not the illegatimate son of the former Pope nor is he from Italy. You know what, this list is getting really long so let's just say the book and the movie are related only to the main storyline.

*Spoiler Over*

As I sat through the movie, I thought to myself, "Why was there so much anger by the Vatican?" In fact, the Church is shown in a very honorable light of faith and ritual. The movie could almost be considered a dignified representation of the Catholic Church. I think it should be remember that this movie is entertaining and should provide some good talking points about Science and Religion. Finally, if you are looking for a Masonic reference in the movie, you won't find one.

I will be curious to see what Dan Brown's next book holds, there are still rumors about a Masonic connection. I guess if there is one, I will have a very busy next year, should tradition prevail.

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rich said...

The vatican wasn't upset about it. They said, "reviewer's conclusion that the film is 'two hours of harmless entertainment' and not a danger to the church."
catholic newsRon Howard may have wanted the image of controversy to help sell the movie though.