Monday, June 1, 2009

Mentorship Part 3: We Need a Plan

There are many reasons that mentors should have a plan. Plans improve the ability to help the brothers. Thankfully, there exist in many Grand Lodges, available to brethren around the world, the tools and plans to mentor a brother into being an active laborer among us, which is really the goal.

In Minnesota, Grand Master McCarthy has made mentoring the cornerstone of his plans for this year. I believe that this is truly the most laudable pursuit that we, as Masons, can do. My Grand Lodge has begun a very extensive plan to mentor brothers which will not only provide support for the brothers of Minnesota but also the broader Masonic world.

The program begins with a note from the Mentoring Committee:

Mentoring should never be a single individual’s responsibility. It does not
just begin on the night of the first degree, and it better not end on the night
after the third degree (it should be part of our life long journey as a Mason).
This is key to Mentorship, making sure that the brother has his expectations met as well as giving us an opportunity to emphasize our values to him in a close brother-to-brother relationship. If you or your Lodge needs a plan to mentor these brothers, try out these resources.


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I want to thank the Mentorship Committee for providing these materials and for all their hard work in their creation. We can do this my brothers, we can provide our candidates with the working tools but it will require our time and dedication to teach them their uses.


Still Justa Mason said...

Is this an official GL document which doesn't know the difference between the words 'altar' and 'alter'?


Tom Accuosti said...

Oh, Justa - I'm shirr that they used spiel cheek.

Millennial Freemason said...

Aside from the few spelling mistakes, the resources compiled really help prepare mentors to do the best job that they can do. The number of deceased brothers is quickly being overshadowed by the number of demits and NPDs making retention the number one goal facing Masonry today. I will be using these materials in my Lodge and I hope more Lodges will began using them as well.