Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reverend Davidson Loehr on "In the Stream"

My favorite radio host now has a new show broadcast live online by the City Pages, a hip city paper in Minneapolis, called "In the Stream". I really found his Good Friday show to be fascinating as he had Reverend Davidson Loehr as a guest. He was on Mischke's show to discuss his views of belief in America.

Rev. Davidson Loehr, a Vietnam War veteran, earned his Ph.D in religion from the University of Chicago and has been a Unitarian minister for two decades. He is also a member of the Jesus Seminar.

If you are unfamiliar with Rev. Loehr, one of his most famous sermons is entitled, "Living Under Fascism" which you can find here. You may disagree with the Reverend but it is always important, in my opinion, to understand the arguments of scholars on every side of an issue, especially one as important as religion. I was really interested in the understanding of compassion as it relates to living beings, not merely human beings, but all creatures. According to Rev. Loehr, studies are showing that all creatures seem hardwired with a sense of compassion for their fellow creatures.

If you have time, you should also listen to Mischke's other shows as he is truly one of the jewels of Minnesota radio and is on the forefront of how radio will be: online, on demand, broadcasted over the airwaves, and in many new forms not yet conceived.

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