Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don Wildman at the House of the Temple

Don Wildman of "Cities of the Underworld" fame (you can find the show on History) appears to be helping the Scottish Rite Masons of the Southern Jurisdiction explore their own history. Wildman was invited to speak before the DC Scottish Rite and was given a behind the scenes tour of the House of the Temple. The video is a preview of a show called "A Masonic World". I am not sure if or when this show will go live but the supposed show does have its own Youtube channel. We will see what the guys behind this series plan to go with it. You can find the full story of Wildman's visit can be found on the front page of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction's site.

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Greg Stewart said...

OMG, have we sold out, or been sold out? We have our own, but not ours, youtube channel?