Sunday, April 5, 2009

Myrtle Chapter #13 Installation

I was fortunate this weekend to visit the open officers installation of Myrtle Chapter #13, Order of the Eastern Star. I was there as a representative of the brothers of Corinthian Lodge #67. I have never been to a Eastern Star meeting or event and I am not a member so this was a very new experience. The best way to describe it is with an example; I have heard that those who speak Spanish can be somewhat familiar with French but may not understand. As I watched the installation of the sisters and brothers of Myrtle, I could recognize some of the similarities but it was only of the basic structures.

I have heard brothers complain about Eastern Star. "Why do they meet in our Lodge rooms?" However, I am of the belief that Masonry should be a family affair. Certainly, I am not saying that women should be made Masons but do we really need to separate our Masonic life from our family life? RWB Tom, the Senior Grand Warden has a very great saying: "Masonry is a way of life." Our families are a part of our lives.

I noticed also that within the concepts of Eastern Star is an overarching theme, the women are in charge. Masonry, CGMMNA and PHA, is a male dominated organization. It only allows men to join and only men take part in its ritual. Many fraternal organizations have ladies auxiliary but it strictly delineates the roles of the sexes. Eastern Star is designed around both women and men being able to meet together and it is the Worthy Matron that rules over the Chapter.

In my Lodge, even women that are not in Eastern Star are still invited to our Holiday potlucks, our Sweetheart's Night and our family picnics. Why? I think it is to so our ladies know that we do care for their opinion and approval as Masons. I want to congratulate Myrtle Chapter's new Worthy Matron, Kerry, and I hope for her a very good year. I know that she and I will, should tradition prevail, be working very closely together.

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