Sunday, February 15, 2009

Masonic Renewal Committee Website Redux

The website for the Masonic Renewal Committee of the Conference of Grand Masters of North America has been updated. The Masonic Renewal Committee seeks to improve the Craft leadership and renew excitement in Freemasonry among the brothers. The Committee is chaired by Past Grand Master Neil Neddermeyer, author of the Cinosam website. The site includes many resources that have been compiled by the different Grand Lodges in North America on issues of membership, leadership and just a general desire to revive Freemasonry.

If you are a Masonic leader, you need the resources on this site. Everything from Lodge Programs, Membership Recruitment and Retention, even Masonic Education. I will be visiting this site frequently as I prepare (should tradition prevail) to take my turn in the East. Anyone who has been given a role as a Masonic leader, including Past Masters, should take advantage of this site.

Although there will always remain those Grand Lodges that seek to protect information they have compiled, I believe the vast majority understand the situation surrounding the general concept of renewal. Sharing information amongst the Grand Lodges and their constituent Lodges will, in my opinion, only do good for our future.

The website has printed on the top, "[b]uilding a foundation for the future on the finest traditions of the past." This short message provides great insight into the future of Masonry. We should take stock of the tools we have and use them to build a better, stronger body of Masonry. I want to thank the Masonic Renewal Committee for providing information and resource to improve our Lodges.

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