Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Masonic Podcasts: The Setting Maul

Are you looking for a fun and informative podcast? Do you like comedy? Do you wish you could have the "No-Peekie" Hoodwink Staple Gun? I think it is time for you to listen to the Setting Maul podcast. I discovered this show after I heard from another brother that there were many more Masonic podcasts than I had originally known about. So I downloaded the whole lot of shows and began listening. Wow! These brothers have found a way to explain Masonry through the use of humor and their enthusiasm for the Craft really makes this show shine.

These three brothers, Ja, Jo and Jum broadcast their thoughts from the clefts of Freemasonry giving insights about Craft Masonry, Scottish Rite and beyond. I am thankful that new media is being used to broadcast our message and these brothers are able to use it to in their words, to "restor[e] Brotherly Love and Friendship through comedy and satire about Freemasonry."

Two warnings: 1) the podcast is listed as "Explicit" under the iTunes store for a reason, and 2) do not drink liquids while listening to this show; let's just say my sinuses are clear. Stay tuned for more shows from these brothers as they continue to spread their message of Freemasonry.

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Anonymous said...

Bro. Nick,

Thanks a ton for your kind review! Also, some of our members are more explicit than others...


Jason (a.k.a. Jubela)