Friday, September 26, 2008

Pop Culture and Freemasonry: Bones

I know that I have previously blogged about the show "Bones" and the recurring villain, the Widow's Son Killer. No, our favorite blogger at the "Burning Taper" is safe from this serial killer. Apparently, the Widow's Son killer, aka Gormogon, murders members of the Knights of Columbus. I know, what, what, what, what?! Where is the connection with the KC's and a group of Freemason haters in the 1700's?

Here is my recreation of what was said in the writers' den:

Writer #1: Dude, dude, I have a freakin' awesome idea.
Writer #2: What dude, should we go to the 'Bell'? I want Tacos.
Writer #1: No dude, our show needs a kickass serial killer ... (feverishly turning pages in Occult book) I got it ... Gormogon.
Writer #2: Like those statues on the sides of churches?
Writer #1: No, they were like a group that hated Freemasons in the 1700's and stuff.
Writer #2: Ok, since they're on churches, we should have him kill Knights of Columbus dudes.
Writer #1: What?! Okay, I think you may be confused ... (grumble, grumble) ... Wait a second, I am hungry ... Killer of KC's sounds good to me. Let's go get some brain food. But I don't want Tacos, I had them for breakfast.

Here is one of the Widow's Son killer episode for your enjoyment.

Hanson, Hart (Creator). 2007 Bones [Television Show]. Los Angeles: Fox Broadcasting Corporation.

(Okay, for full disclosure, I do watch the show with my wife and I find some aspects to be enjoyable but there does seem to be a macho dude complex displayed in the writing.)

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Greg Stewart said...

that was the worst way to wrap up a show's story arch I've ever seen. His flawed logic, that's what made him do it? Flawed logic? Its up there with the equally bad show Vanished from a couple of seasons back. I had a field day on raggin out that one.