Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My First Anniversary in Duluth

As some of you may know, my wife and I went to Duluth to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Duluth is one of the most beautiful towns in the United States. Whether taking a stroll along the Lakewalk or the Glensheen Mansion, the city seems to present a different place in time; the beauty of the Old West mixed with the trappings of the modern age.

While I did not go to any Masonic lodges or participate in any other Masonic events, I did take some photos of the Masonic Center in downtown Duluth.

The Duluth Masonic Center houses many organizations including 4 Lodges (Palestine #79, Ionic #186, Euclid #198, Glen Avon #306) the Scottish Rite Valley of Duluth, and a Demolay Chapter. Glen Avon Lodge #306 has a very good description of the Masonic Center in Duluth including the removal of four onion shaped towers that originally adorned the building and the antique lodge equipment still in use today. There is also another Masonic Temple in Duluth but sadly, I did not get photos. I am hoping one day to actually visit a Lodge in Duluth but until such time, the facade will just have to do.

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burntloafer said...

O! That I had known such a man as yourself was going that close to that Mecca: the Finnish Riviera! I would have had you get some smoked whitefish, at least. Ah well, glad you had a good time!