Monday, September 22, 2008

Cinosam: Brilliant Insights from MWB Neddermeyer

Are you looking for great ideas to improve your Lodge? Would you like to know interesting and enlightening stories about Freemasonry? Cinosam is a website that was created by MWB Neil Neddermeyer that provides a great wealth of Masonic content. MWB Neddermeyer is Past Grand Master of Minnesota (2003) and the current Grand Orator of North Dakota. Cinosam was originally an emailed newsletter published each month containing biographies, stories and more; it is still published as a newsletter to this day.

Cinosam hosts many great resources for Lodges. One of the best resources is a series of Powerpoint presentations and papers on Freemasonry, focusing with great detail on individual Lodge revitalization and improvement. I am greatly indebted for the work that he has published and have tried to implement his ideas in my own Lodge through my Membership Committee. The paper I have been using lately is his "100 Ideas for Member Recruitment and Retention." These ideas have been extremely useful in planning events in my own Lodge.

I was fortunate enough to meet MWB Neddermeyer during the 2006 Installation of our most recent Past Master in 2006. He was the Installing Master and gave the presentation with the gravitas and eloquence that made the entire event. MWB Neddermeyer's dedication to the Craft, especially in the realm of Lodge revitalisation, is the main reason why this site is so important for our future.

If you would like to receive the monthly email newsletter, you can subscribe on the Cinosam website.

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