Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mission: Complete

I am indeed "Feeling Good." I am happy to announce that I have committed the long, second section of the 2nd Degree to memory. The process of memorization has taken me about six months to finally gain the nuances and proper direction so that I can give the lecture well. It has been months of hard work but I believe that it has paid off. Now the trick is to keep it in my head for the next two months while the Lodge is dark. I have been told that earplugs will hold it in and keeps your brain from leaking out.


Unknown said...

Hi Brother Nick,

Is this second section lecture otherwise known as the "Middle Chamber" lecture? I know that there are differences between what lectures are called between jurisdictions. The Middle Chamber lecture in my jurisdiction is quite a feat to memorize. I congratulate you on your hard work.

By the way, thank you for the great comments on the Masonic Renaissance. Your input has been of great value! I hope to hear more from you in the future :)


Brother Charles

Anonymous said...

Charles, there are differences in the content as well. Some jurisdictions use much more of Preston's material than others in explaining things like the senses.

Lodges here which use the American form of the ritual will vary depending on the state from where the founders hailed. One Lodge (now closed) could not keep officers because the SD was required to learn an extremely long version.

I've seen one version that's 20 minutes, another that's 40 minutes.

Some Lodges split it between the Deacons.

Justa Mason

burntloafer said...

It is a good thing we do not split it between the Deacons, because as the current Senior Deacon I am not sure I could manage even half!