Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Bones" reruns and Masonry

I have been doing the usual summer practice of catching shows that I did not have time to see during the school year. Today, I saw a rerun of "Bones" and apparently, it had a reference to an old anti-Masonry group known as the Gormongons. According to Wikipedia, the Antient Noble Order of the Gormogons was a group that was established to ridicule Freemasonry in the 19th Century. The article on the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon adds even more to the legend of the Gormogon as they were focused on the lampooning of Freemasonry and British nobility in general.

On the show "Bones", the serial killer that they are chasing is cannibalistic and seems to be be obsessed Secret Societies. It seems that the killer enjoys putting the victim in the "Widow's son" position which apparently is an ancient position of sacrifice for the Greeks. In "Bones", the murderer goes and kills Knights of Columbus members. I am not sure what he has against the KCs and it seems that there is really no connection between the Gormogons and the KCs. On Hulu, people can watch "Bones" but unfortunately at this tie, the First Episode of Season Three has been pulled. I will post the video if it becomes available.

It is always interesting to see Pop Culture pick up on different legends in the creation of Secret Societies. Unlike most brothers, I really enjoy how the Mainstream Media brings us into the limelight. I even include the movie "From Hell." I know, I know, there are brothers out there that are grinding their teeth right now for me saying that I liked "From Hell." First and foremost, the movie is technically stunning. With the exception of Heather Graham, the acting was marvelous and the scenes were accurately depicted. (Notice I say scenes not theories.) I believe that it is necessary to remove the incorrect aspects of the Craft and still see the brilliance of the film. I will emphatically say that the Ripper was not a Masonic plot. However, it is important to realize the perceptions of an outsider concerning what happens inside the Craft and to understand why some people believe we are a dangerous order. It is our job to correct the mistakes that mainstream media makes but I believe that it is not necessary to go into fight mode when errs are made.
In regards to the show "Bones", it is very enjoyable to see an Anti-Masonic group being used as the villain. Sometimes we have to remember that the mainstream media will not stop portraying us and it is our job to respond with the truth and only the truth. This is all we can do.

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Jeff said...

"Unlike most brothers, I really enjoy how the Mainstream Media brings us into the limelight."

From what I've seen, actually, most brothers seem to agree with you! I know I've seen Lodges in my area use National Treasure DVD's as prize give-aways at picnics and other such things, for example.

I have seen "From Hell" and I agree with your analysis. In my opinion, it leaves the question and precise level of Masonic involvement ambiguous in a brilliant way.

Intrigue is created by these types of representations, whether the portrayal is good or bad. The only thing that I dislike is when a television program or film attempts to depict the secrets of Masonry without stating that they will be doing so. I think its their right to share whatever information they have (or, think they have, as the case may sometimes be) but I would prefer the viewer to be given a "spoiler warning" first so that they can decide whether they want to engage. Nonetheless, I have seen at least two good Master Masons who were subjected to such filmed depictions and still came away thoroughly impressed after their degrees.