Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First Membership Committee Meeting Wrap-up

We have just finished the first Membership Committee Meeting for Corinthian Lodge #67 and I want to thank my fellow brothers who came. I think we were really able to get some good ideas fleshed out. Some ideas that the group came up with included: inviting members of the community to talk, having brothers give short 10 to 15 minute presentations on some Masonic subjects that interests them and inviting the brothers over during Football Sunday with the Vikes, (or other sports like baseball).

Concerning the Friendship Night, two ideas really stood out: 1) Present a "Cliff Notes" version of the History of Freemasonry. This point means that most of the history of Masonry can be found in many great books such as Freemasons for Dummies by Chris Hodapp or the Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry Dr. S. Brent Morris in easy to comprehend forms; many of these brothers have already read both of these books and it is unnecessary to waste their time. Friendship Nights should be there to show that the Fraternity is also a modern organization, we just follow ancient traditions. 2.) Allow the potential candidates to ask questions of the brothers, including subjects such as Masonry, occupations and so forth. This will allow possible candidates to become comfortable and realize one of our major tenets, Brotherly Love.

I would like to add that we have merely set sole to path and I hope that we can make some very good progress in future meetings. I really think that it is important to focus on all three tenets of Masonry and with the membership committee, we can take care of at least one and hopefully with overlap of the other two.

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