Monday, March 28, 2011

Pop Culture and Freemasonry: Psych

It's been years since I've posted a Pop Culture and Freemasonry article. I love the show Psych. I think it's a funny show with a great cast. If you've never seen the show, Psych follows the exploits of Shawn Spencer, a fake psychic, and Berton "Gus" Guster, his childhood friend and business partner in this venture. Think Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson if Holmes was a quick-witted slacker and Dr. Watson was a smart, neurotic pharmaceutical salesman.

This particular episode is entitled "Dis-lodged" and makes some funny jokes about the way secret societies work, from the funny handshakes to our ceremonies. A murder has occurred in the Monarch lodge and the police want answers. The lesson comes at the end and is something that all Masons can understand.

If you have Hulu+ or are a Netflix subscriber with Watch Instantly, you can see it right now. If not, here is a preview.

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