Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great News Concerning the Philalethes Society Annual Feast and Forum

Most Worshipful Brother Terry Tilton, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, A.F. & A.M., and President of the Philalethes Society has great news for the upcoming 82nd Annual Feast and Forum being held in Bloomington, MN, the cost for attending the Forum has been waived. That means no cost for attending the Forum and it's open to all Masons. Most Worshipful wants an accurate accounting of the number of brothers coming so you need to send him an email saying, "hey, I'm coming." I will be attending and I hope other brothers take advantage of this great opportunity. For more information on the event, visit here. To sign up for meals, visit the Annual Feast page on the Philalethes Society website here. The Feast is being held at the Park Plaza.

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As a member of the Philalethes Society, I have discovered a great resource for my Masonic education. The quality of the work produced as well as the trading of ideas amongst some of the most learned brothers in the country has been a blessing. I've been reading "Fiat Lux" Volume One, compiled by Bro. Jack Buta, and I'm stunned by the wonderful papers produced between the 1950's and 1980's. You can get a copy of this book at the Philalethes Society website here or by becoming a new or renewed member for 2010. This is a must read for any serious student of Masonic history or philosophy.

I really have also enjoyed reading "The Philalethes" magazine. W.Bro. Shawn Eyer, the editor, has really guided a quality product and I'm truly impressed by the content. Also, Worshipful Brother Ed Halpaus, Grand Lodge Education Officer for the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, publishes a great series of articles called, "Masonic Matters." I am truly impressed by this organization and the Fellows and Members that make up its membership. Other opportunities include local Philalethes Chapters where members can get together to discuss Masonic issues.

If you haven't joined the Philalethes Society or have not subscribed to the magazine, I have one question, "What are you waiting for?" You can join by either visiting the Philalethes membership page or by mailing back this form. It is an excellent opportunity for brothers seeking further light.

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