Thursday, February 4, 2010

Drop of a Hat

At my Lodge's last meeting, we were fortunate enough to have a man waiting to take his first degree. He couldn't make the date for the First degree we scheduled for our degree class but he wanted to meet the brothers of the Lodge anyway. As the hands of the clock came closer to 7 and 6, I began to think to myself, "Heck, we have the players, we have the parts, the play's the thing, let's do it."

"Would you like to begin your degree work?"


"Places everyone!"

"We're doing a degree?"

"Yep, we can do this."

And so it began, the brethren and I initiated our new brother at a moment's notice. Our degree work was wonderfully done and I am so proud of my brothers. Where else but Corinthian Lodge could you do degree work for a brother at the drop of the hat?


The Plumbline said...

The demonstration of a well ordered lodge. Congrats, brother.

Still Justa Mason said...

You couldn't do it in my jurisdiction. The candidate's name has to be published in the notice sent to all members at least five days before the degree. This gives any objectors to the application a final chance to state their case to the W.M. prior to the ceremony.

I am acquainted with a Lodge where such a thing happened between a favourable ballot and a degree and it's apparently fortunate for the Lodge that it did.


Millennial Freemason said...

Interesting Justa. In MN, our Code states

"SECTION G 14.07
After a petitioner for degrees has been elected by unanimous ballot of the Lodge, he is entitled to receive them at the reasonable will and pleasure of the Master, and as early as permissible."

Thankfully, I felt comfortable doing the First degree as we had just done the degree two weeks earlier.


burntloafer said...

Well, I wouldn't say we (speaking for Nick's officers) were all totally comfortable, because the first degree two weeks earlier was combined with a table lodge. Plus, on that night we also had the Grand Master and several other members of the GL in attendance!

But, we did it, and we did a respectable job of it, and I was proud of our WM for challenging us. But I was even more proud of the rest of the line for having the confidence to accept being 'set to work' with 'good and wholesome instruction'.

It was a night we will all remember!

Let me assure you all that there were no brothers present nodding off!

wÃggzor said...

Congrats Brothers! I am Patrick Wagner of Lake Superior Lodge #349 Duluth, MN and I am pleased to hear everything went smoothe. Once good work, and I enjoy reading your and following it.