Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grand Master Answers WCCO's "Good Question"

Today, Tuesday 15th, the Grand Master of Masons in Minnesota, Most Worshipful Brother Thomas McCarthy, will be on WCCO's "Good Question" at 10 pm. WCCO is the CBS local affiliate and produces a series that seeks to answer many questions by asking people knowledgeable on the subjects. Because Freemasonry is now in the Dan Brown spotlight, the question of "What is Freemasonry" is being asked by many. I will be posting the link to the video once WCCO posts it on their site (Sorry, no embed code for me.)


As promised, I've linked to the article and video. I think that Most Worshipful Brother McCarthy did an outstanding job representing the brothers of Minnesota Masonry. Also, what a great spot to be at, outside the old Masonic building in downtown. It's always fascinating to see how the Profane world looks at Masonry but I think public perception is changing or perhaps its better to say public rediscovery.

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