Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grand Lodge Podcasts

I was trawling the Internet and noticed that the UGLE has recently updated their website. It looks fantastic and shows that the UGLE has been a standard bearer for the Fraternity around the world. One of the best features of this new site is actually not advertised prominently; someone has had the good sense to create an RSS feed to subscribe to the speeches of the Grand Master and the Pro Grand Master at the Annual and Quarterly Communications.

I should mention that the first Grand Lodge to podcast is not the UGLE. The Grand Lodge of Ohio has been publishing a monthly podcast since the summer of 2008. I'm really glad to see Grand Lodges taking an active role in the internet space. The Internet is not only a place for men looking for the Fraternity but also as a way for brothers, new and old, to receive important information about the Craft. WB Mayfield over at the Palmetto Mason really presents the changes and challenges that the Internet presents to Freemasonry in a post entitled, "The Internet, A Blessing and a Curse for Freemasonry."

I applaud both of these Grand Lodges for becoming accessible to the public. Hopefully, more Grand Lodges will continue to add content to the ever growing Internet Masonic community.

To subscribe to these podcasts, enter


for the Grand Master of the UGLE and Pro Grand Master's speeches



for GL of Ohio's podcast into your podcatching client (instructions for them can be found here: iTunes or Zune).

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