Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hennepin Center for the Arts Featured

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The Minneapolis Star Tribune has published a story about the Hennepin Center for the Arts. According to the article, it was originally built, in 1889, to serve as a Masonic Temple for 11 lodges. Currently, the building serves as a center for dance, theatre and choral productions.

When I have gotten the chance to see the building, it still has a grandeur that is not seen in downtown Minneapolis. Although the building may not be used to house Masonry, it still stands among the great relics of the age. One comment that I found on point reflected on the fact that most of the buildings of that era had been lost including the Metropolitan building. Yet this building still stands as a testament to Minnesota's Golden Age of Fraternity.

Minnesota is known for its arts. Whether it be the Guthrie, the Orpheum or many of the other playhouses and theaters in this town, the arts are everywhere. Many hit productions were created in this building including "How to Talk Minnesotan" and "Church Basement Ladies". Although many brothers may take offense at a Masonic building being converted into another use, I really see this as an opportunity to preserve a piece of our history, a treasure that was in operation as a Masonic building for 58 years and now has been protected for many years.

If you have a chance and you are in the Minneapolis area, go to 6th St and Hennepin. Also, if you want a better view of the second floor, go through the skyways to the Pioneer building towards Hennepin Avenue. The second and third floors are very visible from this vantage point.

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