Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ft. Snelling Nat'l Cemetery Cornerstone Laying, I had the privilege of taking part in a cornerstone laying for the Masonic Memorial at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. The National Sojourners Chapter #25 was instrumental in bringing this monument to fruition and I congratulate them on all their hard work. It is essential that we remember our veterans, Mason and Non-Mason alike, and I believe that this memorial will serve as a great representation of patriotism. IMG00015 IMG00016

My maternal Grandfather is buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery as he served in the US Army sweeping for mines in the Korean War. After he returned from Korea, he became a Mason and a Shriner. I am fortunate to still have his Shriner fez. Visiting the Cemetery is a stark reminder of what my Grandfather and many others have done for my country and I am truly thankful of his and all other veterans' service in defending freedom.


If you live in the Minnesota and would like to visit the Masonic Memorial at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, enter the main gates and look for the area known as "Flag Avenue" near the main Visitor Center. It is truly a beautiful monument and represents many of the good qualities in our Fraternity.

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Dave Coffing said...

Very cool Brother Nick, thanks for sharing it with us.