Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pop Culture and Freemasonry: Sen. Obama Infomercial

Freemasonry seems to show up in the strangest places. I was watching the Senator Obama Presidential Primetime Special today and I noticed the most interesting Masonic reference. During the final moments of the taped portion, there was a Shrine Go-Kart Club hanging out in their cars. That's right, Shriners. Those guys seem to show up in the strangest places.


Daniel Lewis said...

Very cool!

I wonder what the politicians thought of that.

In other news, all of the Students at my University (over here in the UK) are voting on who they think should be Elected for US President. It currently stands at 86% for Barack Obama and 6% for John McCain.



Daniel Lewis
- Location: Bristol, UK

Big Mike said...

Hey Brother, just an FYI...
You got the Anti-Mason Paranoid Conspiracy Nuts watching you...

Check it out:

I thought you might find that not only humorous but also interesting... I'm curious to see what new theory they come up with next based on this video.

burntloafer said...

Nick - I am impressed that you embedded this so that it come up right at the Shriner section! Wow.
You kids are so good on them computer thingys!

burntloafer said...

"achristianmason" - that is a really wacky blog you showed us.

Take a quick look around that blog if you want to see the ravings of a lunatic. Seriously challenged.

The Palmetto Mason said...

I strongly suspect that the Shriner's in question didn't realize nor agree to appearing in that commercial. Just my gut feeling.

M.M.M. from the North Eastern Corner said...

You know you have made it when you appear on a Kook site! Congrats!

Still Justa Mason said...
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Still Justa Mason said...

Ah, good ol' Watchy. He was a card on alt.freemasonry. If you had only been there to watch his New York Times song-and-dance.

Learn more about him from Ed King at this site.


Millennial Freemason said...

PB wrote:

"I strongly suspect that the Shriner's in question didn't realize nor agree to appearing in that commercial. Just my gut feeling."

What makes you believe that? Not all Shriners and, for that matter, Freemasons, are conservative or liberal. (This is why I blogged about this subject in the piece, "Liberal Mason, Conservative Mason....) That's why I like being in Lodge, no politics means that I can meet men that I would have not already met because of our different political persuasion.


There is a great Web 2.0 site called Splicd (I know, I know, Gen Y spelling, maybe it came from Wheel of Fortune where vowels cost money) which will cue up a video where you would like it to start.