Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Italian Masonic Mafia

In a story that needs to be mentioned, apparently, Italian police forces have raided the homes and businesses of prominent Mafia types in Trapani and Agrigento. According to the article, a member of the "Gran Serenissima", a Lodge in Italy was arrested for ties to the Italian Mob. According to another article, the name of the multiple arrests was called "Operation Hiram." It appears to be oversensationalized Anti-Masonic fearmongering saying that all of us are mobsters. Our European brothers must have higher constitutions than us in the States for stomaching the wide brush strokes cast on all of us. I have also posted the Italian article translated here.

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Jose Ruah said...

As stated it seem's that Masonry and Mafia are one and only, but it's not.

Although I'm not italian, I'm european and do understand a bit how it works in Italy.

Italy has a huge number of Masonic Grand Lodges and Grand Orient. All of them issued of fights among them.

Even the question of regularity is not defined, as UGLE recognizes Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, and several other countries themselves recognized by UGLE do recognize as regular the Grande Oriente d'Italia.

One thing all agree, no recognition to Serenissima Gran Logia...( the one mentioned in the article).

The masonic phenomenon in Italy must always be analysed with extreme caution, once now and then a few roten apples create a new Grand Lodge.

It's a matter to follow, but in my opinion not to give major importance.

José Ruah