Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Big Committee Meeting

It can be very difficult to know if you can come up for air when the weight of monotonous business meetings drags you to the bottom of the pool. For a while in my Lodge, we were working through upwards of three hours of business with brothers all giving their opinion in a desired outcome. After months of seeing the slow crawl of business, I began to formulate a plan. My Lodge needed well-defined committees. I know that most people associate committees with someone like Angela from “The Office” (think party planning committee) but frankly, they can serve many functions. A membership committee can help think up social and recruiting events for new brothers, a charity committee can decide how best to divvy up the charity dollars to a worthy cause, etc. My Lodge had the committees but frankly there was no true definition when it came to who composed the membership or what they would do.

On the 28th, I will have my first committee meeting with the Membership Committee that I have spearheaded, my first defined committee in the Lodge. We will work on plans for a friendship (sometimes called a fellowship) night with potential candidates, fun activities for the already present members and hopefully many more ideas. If you have any ideas or suggestions for my first big committee meeting, just drop me a comment. I will also have a report of the interesting ideas the brothers of my Lodge come up with during the meeting.

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