Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Golf Event

Well Brothers and other readers, until yesterday, I had not golfed in 2 years, and it showed. It was the first of three golf events for our Lodge and apparently Wii Golf is not the same as really golf. I had so many slices, I was surprised to even find my ball half the time. When I was golfing, I thought of how great our Fraternity is. One of the major tenets of our organization is brotherly love and I believe that all my brothers were able to come together (my real brother was able to come along as well with slightly better results than my own). It is important that Lodges remember these kinds of activities. We do not just exist in this esoteric sphere of mystery but truly have laudable goals that we perform. When brothers are able to get together and have fun, our Lodges will be strengthened by a sense of collegiality. 
Hopefully, next month, I will at least keep the ball on the course.

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