Monday, February 11, 2013

Found a Picture of my Grandfather at the Minneapolis Valley

Grandpa Jim in the middle with glasses and tan suit
When I first was thinking of Masonry, I assumed that no one in my family was a Mason. Then I found out my paternal grandfather, Grandpa Dick, was a Mason and a Sir Knight. He was the man who signed my petition and led me to a lodge near my house.

A couple of months later, I found out that my other grandfather, Grandpa Jim, was a Mason, a 32°, and an active Shriner. I was floored. Two men in my family were Masons and I had never known at all. When I found out, Masonry felt more and more like it was in my blood. I found out further that several greats and great-greats were also Masons.

At the One Day to Masonry, two good friends and I started looking through the pictures of the different Scottish Rite classes. I knew my Grandpa Jim was a member of the Minneapolis Valley and I checked my phone for his Masonic record (I had asked about a year earlier) and we started flipping through the photos for the class of 1979. It took a bit as classes in those days were huge but then, I saw him; my Grandpa was just smiling back at me.

As I went back to perform my part in the second degree, I looked in the Minneapolis Valley auditorium and thought that in one of those seats, my Grandfather had watched the degrees of the Scottish Rite, absorbing the lessons as he worked his way to the 32°. It really changed how I performed the work, as if I were performing it for him.

I know both my grandfathers keep watch over my family and I know that they have earned their reward in that spiritual building, in the Great Lodge Above. I love you Grandpa Jim and Grandpa Dick and I hope to be able to see you both when I lay down my working tools.

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Togeika said...

Nice! I've joined the Shrine since we last spoke, so I could join Zuhrah Pipe and Drum. I have a non-speaking part in the 21st degree tonight.
My Grandfather Love was a Stone Mason in Ontario. I'd like to find out if he was a speculative Mason too. Have to do some research.
Thanks for your post!