Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not a Concession Speech

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As I promised, this is not a concession speech but a bittersweet statement. I have been an officer in my lodge, Corinthian Lodge № 67, since a year after I was raised. That's five years. I've worked hard as an officer to ensure that whatever the lodge needed to grow and thrive, I would be there.

But I feel good. I see the new officers and what they hope to accomplish and can be nothing but supportive. We are experiencing a fourth year of growth in the lodge. We are seeing a renewed interest in Masonry. Every meeting feels brotherly and I enjoy every one of them, even the long ones. It's been a fun ride.

Of course, even as I'm writing this, I'm remembering all the work that I still have to do in the York Rite. I'm currently the High Priest of Corinthian Chapter № 33, R.A.M. and Captain of the Guard for Northfield Council № 12, R&SMs and will be starting my Commandery Orders next Tuesday. I will finally be stepping down as High Priest. Currently, we have ten candidates going through this year and we have done a lot of work to bring life back to our York Rite. And when I say we have 10 candidates, I should say that my Chapter has less than 50 members meaning we will have increased our membership by more than 20% in one year. Wow!

I'm very excited to see where Masonry goes from here  for me. I see a lot of opportunities for leadership in my lodge. I'm learning from the Past Masters about the transition and I think I'm doing well. I will continue to work hard, continue to learn, and continue to teach other brothers and allow them to learn from their knowledge and experience. This isn't my swan song, regardless of the picture I chose above, but my triumphant song of happiness and relief.

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