Monday, November 5, 2012

A Relief Request for the Victims of Hurricane Sandy

I have received word that a brother from Minnesota has started collecting supplies for those in need of relief following the tremendously powerful and devastating Hurricane Sandy.

Dear Brother,
My name is Steve Willett, a Master Mason with Lake Harriet Lodge No. 277 and 32° Scottish Rite member in Minneapolis.
I have spoken to the New Jersey Grand Master, Glenn Trautmann. He stated that anything we can send would be appreciated. The food shelves are dry, people are in serious shape; besides being homeless, there is no food or drinking water.
We need to make this happen. They are setting up lodges to help with the distribution. I am also talking to Hormel foods  Cabela’s and Kenny Anderson (owner of Barrel of Fun and Kenny’s Candies) about contributions.
Buzzy Olson and I started this Friday at noon. I already have 10 pallets of bottled drinking water donated. We need food, clothing, tents, eating utensils, can openers, sleeping bags, diapers and blankets. We will also gladly accept monetary donations for fuel to deliver the donations.
We sincerely appreciate any and all help anyone can provide. Buzzy Olson and I will personally be going to New Jersey to help with the relief.
Steve Willett
Minnesota Freemason

Contributions can be sent to the Grand Lodge office, 11501 Masonic Home Drive, Bloomington, MN 55437-3699.

This is not the only response that will be coming from the state of Minnesota. I have also received word that the Grand Lodge will likely be contributing as well to the Masonic Service Association's efforts. Donations sent to the Masonic Service Association for disaster relief are used 100% for that purpose, no administration fees or other expenses are taken from the donations. I will let everyone know about that as well.

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