Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lodge Copernicus

A fascinating new concept lodge has emerged from Adelaide in South Australia. Lodge Copernicus No. 246 is a very unique lodge. It is unique because, unlike any other lodge, this lodge can confer all five degrees of Antient Craft Masonry, the three Craft degrees, the Mark Master, and Royal Arch.

From the consecration calendar entry on the Grand Lodge of South Australia's website:

The formation of this new Lodge is an indication of a new approach to the direction in which Freemasonry is going and which underlines in a tangible way the ever increasing collaboration between Craft, Chapter and Mark.

In taking this direction, it is hoped that membership of the Chapter and Mark will increase and indeed the Craft sees this as the way to help in gaining members of those Orders.

The Lodge will work the five degrees, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the Craft, the Exaltation in the Royal Arch Chapter and Advancement in the Mark, These are the five degrees of pure and antient masonry which are the only ones recognised by the Craft.

Those who become members of this Lodge and are not already members of the Chapter and Mark Orders will progreess to those Orders in this Lodge. They will not need to join them in any other Chapter or Mark Lodge. Members will support and regularly attend all three Orders when qualified to do so.

This is an incredible development in Masonry. The idea that three separate bodies could work together to build something unique and beneficial for all is a step in the right direction. The likelihood of this happening in the states or provinces is little to none, but I'm always impressed to see the new ideas that spring forth from the wells of the Masonic mind.

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Raconteur said...

That's actually a pretty great idea.

Again, if we want to make the blue lodge the central core of Masonry, which it needs to be, then providing more in-house light is essential.