Friday, March 12, 2010

Lodge Tracker 2.0

Wow, I've been away from this whole awesome world of internet Masonry. I checked my last post's date and it appears to have been almost a month prior to this one. Well, great to be back especially since I'm very excited to tell all the brothers of the redux of an excellent website for finding and discussing Lodges throughout the United States, Lodge Tracker.

The website Lodge Tracker is a site I discussed a few months back as a great idea and implementation of that idea. I really thought that this site had great potential as a way to find Lodges not only near you but also when you travel to other states to find a Lodge to visit. The site seemed perfect as it was.

However, this website has now been reduxed and I am now completely impressed with the improvements made. The same format for Lodges has been kept intact including the ability to add all pertinent information for the seeking brothers and seekers alike. The best new feature is the ability to create a profile. Yes, I know it's another social networking thingy but I'm okay with that.

This website redesign is showing great promise. Not only is their the directory angle but also a social networking component. I would suggest that all of you try this website out as it is truly a great resource. You can use it as a tracking site, seeing which Lodges you have visited. It also helps in finding Lodges in those jurisdictions that do not have a Lodge directory on their website or one that is incomplete. Lodge Tracker is US only. I want to thank Bro. Abraham for this awesome site and keep up the good work. Now readers, go populate this site, add your Lodge like I've added my Lodge.

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