Monday, January 4, 2010

Farmington York Rite Installation

Tonight, my good friend and the Senior Warden of our Lodge, Steve, was installed as High Priest of Corinthian Chapter #33 and Companion Chuck was installed as Illustrious Master of Northfield Council #12. I will post pictures of the nights festivities below.

I can say that Royal Arch, in particular, and York Rite, in general, will feel a new sense of rebirth as Masonry is once again discovered. Royal Arch Masonry offers to the brother something further in his Masonic life, something new. Perhaps a brother doesn't find something he's looking for in his mother Lodge. Although he has a duty to attend Lodge, he may feel that his talents aren't being used to their fullest. That's where the appendant bodies come into play.

I really have enjoyed my time in Chapter, learning new ritual and witnessing degree work for the first time in four years as an actual candidate. I have opened a new area of study in my Masonic education. The best part of York Rite is its closeness in both locality and relationships with the companions in the local Chapter and Council. I hope that my soon-to-be Chapter and Council continues to have great success in the coming year and beyond.

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burntloafer said...

WM Nick, thank you for your kind comments. One of the things I find interesting about the York Rite work is the character - and the characters - found there.

Most of these guys are long time Masons and are quite willing to share an opinion or three, with several tall tales thrown in for good measure. Ritual is sometimes dispensed with for convenience, but when pressed, the guys do indeed, really know their stuff.

I can only hope to walk in their shadows as far as leadership and character. But I am pretty confident I can keep up on the tall tales...