Monday, August 24, 2009

Masonic Question for the Week of August 24th

#MQW (via @nickjohnson) Have you ever served as an officer in your Lodge? What and when?


The Palmetto Mason said...


I have never - since becoming a MM - not been an officer. The only available positions in my lodge that I have not served in are: Treasurer, Chaplain, and Tiler.

I have to travel outside of my district in order to sit on the sidelines [chuckle].

Big Mike said...

Last year I served as Senior Steward and this year I am Historian.

47th Problem of Euclid said...

I am the Inside Sentinel of my lodge, and have been since March. I will be installed as Junior Deacon next month.

All Things Masonic said...

I have had the Honor to fill every progressive chair in my home lodge Cataract #2.I hope to be Secretery of a lodge some day. If not I will eagerly just back into the Chairs again.Of course after if tradition prevails Im selected by the craft to become Grand Master.

Millennial Freemason said...


I think your articles about not getting paid a darn (I'm from North ;)) is truly apt about putting in time and effort with the reward of doing something great.

That's great. Historian is such a great idea for a position. Many of these Lodges span the centuries and their stories should be told.

We don't have InSens up here but I'm fascinated by the position. In MN, it is our JD that takes those responsibilities. And congrats on your impending installation.

RW Bro Tom,

It will truly be an excellent day, should tradition prevail, when you are installed and serving as GM. Of course, you and I and all other brothers serving as officers will have our hands full when the Dan Brown Tsunami hits. It'll be a fun and exciting couple of years to be sure.


MP said...

1998-9: Chaplain (appointed)
1999-2000: JW
2000-1: Bosnia
2001-2: SW
2002-3: WM
2003-4: Iraq
2004-5: Iraq, sideliner
2005-6: officer in a club trying to establish a TO Lodge in MA
2006-7: SW as a placeholder