Friday, August 21, 2009

More NY Times Reporting

The Antiques column in the Arts Section of the New York Times has written an article entitled, Masonic Lodges Open Those Mysterious Doors. The article focuses on our great treasures that Grand Lodges are revealing to the public and the renovations that are currently ongoing on our treasured halls. As an avid reader of the Times (which I consider the paper of record for the USA), I was hopeful but reticent that an article was mentioning our Fraternity. The last two articles of recent Masonic events have been less than pleasant and the obvious agenda behind both articles was focused more on potshots and less on objective facts and subjective policy changes.

As the paper reported during the MWB Haas case reported earlier this year, the author of that particular article took direct potshots at Freemasonry as a good ol' boys club focused on silly rituals. The intent on the article was not about a procedural due process concern but rather our restrictions to men only "[a]nd its taste for pompous honorifics and ornate regalia may conjure images of solemn men with arms interlocked: Laurel and Hardy meet Babbitt."

The Gate City case was reported fairly but has still caused irrecoverable damage. I don't blame the Times nor Gate City but rather outdated ideas still held by brothers, outdated ideas that I hope will have been officially put to rest by the current edict issued by Grand Master Jennings. We have not received good press from the Times as of late but I was pleasantly surprised to see good news with this article.

Our very knowledgable brother, WB Arturo de Hoyos, Grand Archivist of the Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, was interviewed about the pieces being shown to the public and the updating and changing of Masonic presentation to our brethren and the public. He did a fantastic job presenting our Craft as well as explaining the need to create a coherent presentation to the public. We can hope that when the "Symbol" storm is upon us, we will receive as kind of press as we received today.

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