Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Communications System

(This account is fictional and very possibly, historically inaccurate.)
Old Brother: What are you doing?!
Young Brother: I’m installing a telephone.
OB: What’s a tel-ee-phone?
YB: It’s a way for people to call the Lodge and get information about us.
OB: Why would people want to do that? They can just come down here and ask.
YB: This machine will make it so they don’t have to make the trip.
OB: But how am I supposed to meet them if they don’t come down here?
YB: You meet them on the telephone. It is all about communication.
OB: You know, you have been doing a lot of stuff around this Lodge that has never been done and I am really concerned about the changes you’ve made. You’re always bringing up the o-to-mobile and how it will help brothers get to the Lodge but you’re always fixing yours. I just think all this is a fad, the o-to-mobile and the tel-ee-phone. Why can you just be happy that we still have the building or that we have some really good ritualists?
YB (gives a good-natured smile): Old Brother, you have done a lot for this Lodge and I appreciate that more than you know. In fact, the contributions that you have done for this Lodge are so very important that they inspired me to do more for her. I am merely trying to continue the strong progressive tradition that this Lodge has been known for and that you have played such a key role. I think I even remember hearing a story of how you were the driving force behind getting us radiator heat instead of a stove because it was better for everyone. I look up to you my brother and I would like to do all I can just as you have.
OB (smiles back): You know, I never thought about it that way before. I have said so many times to so many brothers that we are a progressive science but I never took this phrase to heart. Do you need any help putting this tel-ee-phone together?
YB: Actually, I think I am all done here, but I would be honored if you made the first call. Just pick up the receiver and say, “Operator.”


The Plumbline said...

Our Grand Lodge has a new social media policy, but unfortunately, they may have gone too far. They are requiring ANY posts about another Brother or their family needs to be pre-approved. Weird.

Still Justa Mason said...

Early in my Mother Lodge's history (about WW1), the Lodge voted to get the Secretary a phone. A lot of people still didn't have one until probably the 20s. Kinda like how I don't want a cell phone.