Monday, March 30, 2009

Minnesota Bloggers: Part 2

In a past article about bloggers in the great state of Minnesota, I had thought that I had found all of them. Let's just say, I was totally wrong. There are two more blogs created by Brothers in the State of Minnesota which deserve a look as they are each of them written by incredibly learned brothers. The best part is that these two blogs are written by Grand Lodge Officers of Minnesota.

The first site I would like to feature is from Right Worshipful Brother Tom Hendrickson, Senior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota. His blog is entitled "All Things Masonic" and seeks to put forth enlightenment. R.W. Bro. Tom is the president of the Minnesota Masonic Historical Society and Museum. R.W. Bro. Tom is incredibly active within Masonry and has been a great leader within Minnesota Masonry. I really agree with what R.W. Bro Tom says about being a Freemason, "Masonry is a way of life." All Things Masonic focuses on Masonic Education and the work of a Grand Lodge officer. I am very appreciative of R.W. Bro. Tom's work for Minnesota Masonry and I would like to thank him for his continued support of my blog.

The second blog that I wish to draw your attention to is that of the Grand Master of Minnesota's website, the MN Grand Master 09 blog by Most Worshipful Brother Tom McCarthy. M.W.B. McCarthy is truly dedicated to the Craft and has made it know that his year is dedicated to the Mentoring program for the Masons in the state of Minnesota. Mentoring is, in my opinion, the way in which Masons come together to form those intimate bonds of brotherhood. These bonds lead to a true devotion to our Gentle Craft. Although we are admonished to fit ourselves into that spiritual building, we cannot do it alone. We need good mentors to help us be prepared as we go about our time before, during and after we are raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. I want to congratulate M.W.B. Tom on his election to that Grand Oriental Chair and I know he will lead our Craft wisely during his year.

As you can tell, Minnesota Freemasonry is truly becoming an interactive experience. Many brothers have begun blogging about the Craft and I want to thank the Grand Lodge of Minnesota for allowing open dialogue among the brothers of this state. I want to thank both R.W. Tom and M.W. Tom for allowing me to feature their sites as I think they are a part of a growing trend of Masonry which I hope will continue for many years into the future.


Tom Accuosti said...

You're catching up to Connecticut!

Still Justa Mason said...

It seems you have to be named "Tom" to be elected to an office in the GL of Minnesota. Is Accuosti next?

Tom Accuosti said...

I might be - after today's stunt, I might not have a CT dues card tomorrow :-)

Millennial Freemason said...

I have a affiliation application waiting for ya. ;)