Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 1 of the Minnesota Grand Lodge Commuication

I have been in Duluth since Thursday night and will be reporting on the events I have seen so far. Thursday night, the weather decided to play an interesting game of chicken. There was freezing rain through St. Paul, heavy snow until Pine City and turning into a blowing snow until five miles outside of Duluth where the weather was as peaceful as a dove.
Of course, the weather changed into a torrent of strong snow and heavy winds. At breakfast this morning, the swells from Lake Superior were going over the railing as we watched.
Watching the opening this morning, I was impressed with the pageantry displayed in the Communication. The Grand Provincial Master of Manitoba and other brothers arrived as well as a contingency from the United Grand Lodge of England. I learned many interesting pieces from the Grand Lodge, including the most noteworthy news of the day; the Minnesota Grand Lodge is donating 65 million dollars over 15 years to the University of Minnesota in order to find a cure for cancer. The news that Masonry is still as strong and philanthropic is truly amazing.
During the breakout sessions, I learned of the differences between American and English Freemasonry, which there are many and also went to the specialized meeting concerning Junior Wardens where I have learned that I have to get planning NOW! I have a long row to hoe but I think I will be fine when it is my turn to hold the gavel and I think this breakout session was very helpful in getting me started.
I am off to dinner and will hopefully get some pictures of the event.

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