Thursday, November 29, 2007

Top Search on Yahoo....Freemasonry?!

As I was surveying the internet, I went to Yahoo's Main Page and saw that Freemasonry was the fourth most searched term today. I began to look further into why the term "Freemasonry" would be ranked so highly, and I found an article on the AFP (through Yahoo's news search engine) that Dan Brown has communicated with the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia but cut off the talks. I have posted the url here:

The odd thing about this story is that it seems out of date compared to what we have already heard from Dan Brown's publisher that the book has been delayed to a later date with rumors on sites such as, that The Solomon Key will not be released in 2007. Is this just pre-publicity? In a related story, Richard Leigh, the co-writer of such books as Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Temple and the Lodge has died at the age of 64. The article is at the Telegraph Online.

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