Monday, December 1, 2014

Solomon's Builders and Secret Messages

A redditor posted, a few days ago, that he found a secret code on the backcover of Chris Hodapp's book, Solomon's Builders (It's a great read so if you haven't read it, go to your favorite retailer and buy a copy.) When I first read this, I wasn't shocked, to be honest. Codes and secrets are our trade and we really do enjoy our esoteric play. But, when I looked at the result, I was a little thrown.

The code was formed from highlighted letters from the backcover summary of the book. All together, the result was "asondonttrusthi" which can be spaced out as "ason don't trust hi." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to extrapolate the missing Ms to fully spell out, "Mason, don't trust him."

From /u/marciothegreat
If this was intentional, then this is the strangest long play coded message in history. No idea if this was intentional or if all of us are just looking for something that really isn't there but it doesn't seem to be accidental. Sadly, I wouldn't be shocked if the graphic designer put this in intentionally but it seems odd that this would be added.

I would like to give a H/T to /u/marciothegreat for pointing this out. And, again, buy Solomon's Builders. It's an excellent read.

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Luke says Moo! said...

If Brother Hodapp did put in a special message it would be much, much more systematic and likely referenced in the book. The spacing of the code doesn't, in the least, strike me as something he would write.

Tom Accuosti said...

Hodapp didnt put it in; it was the editor or publisher who was passing along the message to his fellow conspiracy theory friends.

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