Thursday, July 31, 2014

KT mag Limits Letters to the Editor

The Seal of the Templars
I just received my newest issue of the Knight Templar magazine. I do enjoy a number of topics that the magazine touches upon and I'm quite happy when I see it arrive in my mailbox.

I begin reading through the magazine and came upon this statement from the managing editor:

I am informed that the content of the letters to the editors is beginning to reflect badly upon our institution and have been prevailed upon to limit these letters accordingly. Therefore, I am changing the editorial policy for letters to the editor as follows: Beginning with this issue, I will only publish letters to the editor which I am absolutely certain will not offend anyone.

For a long while, I would skip through the letters, skimming as quickly as possible because of a few very uncomfortable letters. Some of the opinions expressed I would consider not in keeping with the Masonic ideals and teachings all of us receive. But I'm also a little sad as I think there was some meaningful dialogue.

It's hard for a number of us. There are as many Christian denominations as there are zip codes. And most of the time, we can be very provincial in our way of thinking, especially when we forget that each denomination, and each Christian, believes in a different way the Law and Gospel and how they apply to us.

Masonic Templary bridges the gap not because of its sectarianism but its lack of sectarianism. There's no talk of justification, no encouragement to ask for intercession, no prohibitions against it. It is just a place to avoid that sectarianism.

I'm saddened that the letters will be fluff, devoid of all controversy. But, let's face, far too many fraters were just not getting it into their heads that Christendom is not united in all believes. Yet, there are things that can unite us. Perhaps this is just a cooling off period. If that's the case, I hope all Sir Knights can begin looking outside their province and reach their hand of friendship across the sectarian fence for just a moment. Let us remember the seal of the Templars, riding together on the back of one horse.


47th Problem of Euclid said...
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47th Problem of Euclid said...

I have to admit, reading the letters to the editor in the Knights Templar magazine has reinforced my skepticism about religion-specific Freemasonry. Getting rid of universalism removes one of Freemasonry's great strengths.

Unknown said...

I noticed that there no letters in this month's issue and found it odd...which is disappointing because I was looking forward to seeing one of the author's letters get printed sometime in the future.

Jack said...

Has the Grand Encampment ever addressed what it considers as the "Christian religion" in which we are to have a "firm belief." 100+ years ago, some Grand Commanderies required one to be a Trinitarian Chrisitan (see p. 125 et seq of and I would not be surprised to hear that this is an official but unwritten policy in some Commanderies. Would a nontrinitarian be welcome? A docetist? Gnostic (under its many definitions)?