Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Installed as Captain General of Faribault Commandery No. 8

Last knight, hm hmm, night, I was installed as Captain General of my Commandery, Faribault Commandery No. 8. My jewel is the Level, surmounted by a Cock. It's an interesting concept to have the announcer of the day sit upon the level, the jewel of the Senior Warden. I will have to study the symbolism more to full understand why both symbols were chosen.

My medal is on the top right row, far right.

I have had an enjoyable time in Commandery. We are still planning out what to do with the year. I can't wait to be of service to the Commandery.

Do you have suggestions for running a successful Commandery? Leave a comment.


Barry said...

Congratulations Sir Knight!!

Anonymous said...
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