Monday, May 9, 2011

What is the Endgame?

You know, I'm not one to look at Anti-Masonic websites. I mean, I've made my choice and I'm not changing. But there I was, treading in the zones of the Internet best left unobserved. When I started to look at the plethora of Anti-Masonic sites, I had to ask myself the question, "what do they get out of being against Freemasonry?" I mean, I know what I get out of being a Freemason; a sense of brotherhood, to meet men from all walks of life, and meet at a place dedicated to learning.

Is it financial? I see some sites charge quite a bit of money for the "secrets". Money is a great driving force for everyone. Everybody can use a little extra cash, especially now. However, Masonry has always been a small section of the population. Talk to any group of people and at least half won't know who the Masons are. (That topic is best saved for a different discussion, suffice it to say, we need to toot our own horn.)

Although the financial incentive is possible, I believe the real reason is that to be against something can be very ego boosting. Imagine, you go to your place of worship and proudly talk to the religious leader there about the dangers of Freemasonry. He may listen, he may not. It doesn't matter because you know you're right. If he's listening, you become the crusader for truth and justice. If he doesn't, then he hasn't seen the light yet. Either way, you're fighting the "good fight". He rails against the injustices that exist and the blindness of these poor men, men that need guidance before they're lost forever to Diablo.

That kind of self-aggrandizing behavior can really be harmful. The man who sees as his mission the destruction of an organization is really doing it out of a need for self-esteem with the hope of getting to self-actualization. You can never get to either of those on the pyramid if you hate. It's as simple as that.

I love Freemasonry. It's a beautiful institution dedicated to improving men. It allows me to go to a place, and separate myself from those topics that are divisive for just a couple of hours. A place of respite in an otherwise congested world of 24 hour news and fanatics of all stripes proclaiming their way is not the only way but will be used to conquer all.

I'm sure the second after I publish this post, an anti-Mason will send me an email or post a comment and that's fine. I've made my choice. I want to meet on the level with men of different backgrounds, I want to act rightly before the world, and I want to know that at the end of my life, I have brothers to care for my family. That is what being a brother means.

If you're looking for the most complete source of what Anti-Masons are saying, visit WBro. Ed does a great job of informing brothers on what's out there.


Anonymous said...

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Millennial Freemason said...

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