Monday, May 26, 2008

Membership ideas?

I am currently seeking ideas of how to keep brothers coming to Lodge. What programs should be initiated to keep brothers informed, engaged and seeking fellowship at Lodge? I am also seeking other ideas of how a Friendship Night program should be run to effectively present what Masonry is all about. I have found that the biggest challenge is to show younger men the promise of our Gentle Craft. I am seeking out any ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, MM. I don't know if you can actually call it a Friendship Night, but one of my Lodges asked the newer members to bring friends of theirs' who are interested in the fraternity.

Our programme? Nothing.

We had some drinks and food and everyone just chatted with each other.

No speeches or talks or presentations about Freemasonry. Not a thing. The last thing the Lodge wanted was to leave anyone with the impression they came for a sales pitch.

However, eventually, many of the conversations naturally turned to Freemasonry. The non-Masons attending asked about it and members offered their own answers.

The idea was not to get petitions, though we will be getting one from the event. The idea was just simply for Masons to bring any of their friends, Mason or otherwise, for a casual affair.

Years ago, in DeMolay, we had formal Buddies Nights with a programme that was laid out; I'm sure Lodges do this, too. But we felt something informal would be better—it also gave the new members a chance to get to know each other better.

Justa Mason